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About Etree Org
The music community was created in the summer of 1998 to circulate high-quality live concert recordings. members trade music electronically. Files are compressed using LosslessEncoding schemes to shorten transfers enough so that anyone with a broadband connection can participate.

Our founding principles for circulating music are owns nothing. It is not a corporation and there certainly are no corporate offices. All work is volunteer, and all servers are independently owned and operated. The common thread is a belief among its members that music which bands permit to be traded, should be freely traded.

Not all music is available through This biggest difference between and other online music sites is that deals exclusively with legally tradeable music. We only deal with live recordings by artists that allow taping and/or free trading of their performances. The list of TradeFriendly bands grows daily.

Trading music by artists who don't permit it could shut down faster than you can say Napster. For that reason, and more importantly out of respect to those who create this music for us, we prohibit people from using this community to exchange music unless the artist permits doing so. Breaking this rule will get you banished from our community -- we take this very seriously. This prohibition extends to almost all commercial recordings, live performances by non-taper/trader friendly bands, and even certain shows that taper/trader-friendly bands ask us to not trade (most often because the band has released it for sale to the public).

The idea of trading high-quality audio files over the Internet was first discussed in 1996. It was initally dismissed due to the large file sizes involved in lossless compression, as opposed to much smaller, but lossy, .mp3 files. Enter and the advent of broadband. The community was formed as an offshoot of two highly regarded online trading communities: [Sugarmegs Audio] and [People for a Clearer Phish]. Starting with 10 people, has enjoyed ever-increasing growth and popularity. As of early 2002, there were over 12,000 users and almost 300 independently-operated file (FTP) servers. Need to update numbers here

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone in our community, continues to set the standard in lossless digital audio distribution via the Internet!

WANT TO HELP? is run by a hardworking community of volunteers, and we enthusiastically welcome all help. People who 'work' on include FTP server operators, mailing list administrators, web site designers, ShnDatabase administrators and countless other people who record and seed music to the community. If you'd like to lend a hand, please read the [FAQ], join our MailingLists or visit our [forums] to see where you fit in.

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