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Software You Need
editing note- begun to work in other suggested alternatives to ftp, chime in as you like

General Tutorials


These days, there are a number of routes to download music. For each route, there are different kinds of software to use. Just pay attention to what kind of site a person has, then use the right kind of software for the type of download.

Download via FTP:
FTP is the traditional download method that helped create Most operating systems come with a command-line FTP client, but this can be a big pain to use. Get FTP software with handy features instead. Some popular programs are linked to below.

Download via HTTP:
Files will be available from a web server (example:

Download via Peer to Peer:
Interconnected networks of people downloading, uploading, sharing items all at the same time. There are many different types. Some P2P networks and apps are commonly used within our community and it's easy to find TradeFriendly material through them. Others are wastelands. Each requires its own software. Starting points:


Once you've got your music, you need to be able to listen to it, right? Well, you can burn it onto a CD of course, but you can also listen to it on your PC before you burn it. All you need is a plug-in for your favorite media player, and you're set:


Before you can burn a CD, you need to turn your SHN/FLAC files into WAV files by uncompressing them. Most of these utilities can also be used to create Shorten or FLAC files from WAV files. editing note- are links below better grouped onto Shorten and FLAC related pages here in the wiki? Think about reworking

Edit Files

Here are some programs for editing and recording WAV files.


Here are some programs for burning audio and data CDs. You might want to burn a data CD if you want to archive the SHN files for posterity. This allows you to create a pristine copy of a show without having to ever introduce a DAE generation.

Extract Audio

Occasionally it is necessary to extract the digital audio from a burned CD. This might be necessary if you are seeding a show but don't have the source that your CDs came from. Or perhaps you want to copy a CD for someone and you didn't archive the SHN files you used to burn it.

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