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Furthur Net
[FurthurNET] is TradeFriendly and noncommercial. It's not part of itself, but like it's a kindred-spirit project developed and run by fans. You'll see a lot of overlap in community members. (In the same way, [] and the LiveMusicArchive are separate projects from either or Furthur, but they share a fanbase.) They're like cousin sites.

Furthur is a peer to peer java application for downloading and sharing free and legal MP3 and Shorten / FLAC lossless audio files, and video files for those bands that allow video trading. Although Furthur cannot offer the blazing download speeds that some FTP servers and BitTorrent sessions can, it does provide a constantly changing assortment of about 2000 SHN filesets at any one time, and a thousand plus .mp3 filesets, too, from [several hundred artists]. It's a good place to try out new bands.

See and for more information. Please note this is 100% legal!

See also: BitTorrent, [], LiveMusicArchive

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