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Live Music Archive
The [Live Music Archive], known to many live music fans as LMA, Llama, Etree Archive or just "Archive," is TradeFriendly and noncommercial. It's not part of itself, but like it's a kindred-spirit project developed and run with the help of fans. You'll see a lot of overlap in community members. (In the same way, [] and FurthurNet are separate projects from either or LMA, but they share a fanbase.) They're like cousin sites.

The LMA is actually just one of many Audio collections of the [Internet Archive], an online public library that is also well-known for its [Wayback Machine], a continuing archive of webpages.

LMA history and On 7/23/02, Internet Archive staffer Jon Aizen posted to mailing list(s) telling us about as a library, and asking for feedback about the idea of hosting etree-able shows within a new audio collection. Response was positive, if disbelieving- how could they possibly have the storage space and bandwidth to do this longterm? But members came over to help. By Aug/Sept 2002, things were rolling. Years later, members are still helping manage and contribute to the collection, and the scale and concept is still a bit mind-boggling! The collection's principles are still founded on's main ideas: Live, Lossless, Legal.

See also: LMAStaffPicks

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