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Diana Hamilton
Status 11/2004: I left the net 1/2004, am back as of 9/2004. Many MB of email remain to be sifted through deal or delete. If you emailed and haven't heard from me, maybe you will eventually.

Still in progress (lagging as usual): major update shn faq; ghost out resources pg?
gleaned from

Common reasons for freezing contributions: No txt, nonstandard filenames, band approval needed, mkw, mp3, sirius

I'm married to G.S. "[Dr. Greg]" Hamilton. Online, I maintain a [Small SHN & MD5 FAQ], and help out administratively at the [Traders Database], related [Some Sources in Circulation], and the [Live Music Archive]. I'm not a member of the ServerTeam, just an "experienced user". I'm a [chemist], not a computer person.

From New York Times 5/29/03 p.G7 (Circuits section), "Two Labels Warm Up to MP3's" by Bill Werde:

Quoting "Hilary B. Rosen, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Recording Industry Association of America" "Our view has always been if the copyright holder wants to give away their product, it's fine. The key issue is that it's their choice to give it away."

My scratch pad for this wiki:
To do: Shape up GettingStarted <--> HowToDownload for raw newbies
Rewrite GettingStarted, MailingLists, EtreeFAQ (incorp old stuff)
"Anchor" parts in SeedingGuidelines. See
BTW see how Tom setup the internal pointers in AboutEtreeOrg, can be useful.

Shortcuts to EditingTips and Tavi:FormalFormattingRules? and WikiStats and Wikipedia:wikify - has a fancy roundup with some elements that may be same, some different.

Netscape 4.7 workaround: stick either + or %20 in spaces of urls to do edit/history.

Rescue lost pages: google editing pagename

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