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Shn Links
Add some offsite shn-trading resources, shn communities, etc. Please don't just add your personal list url; think of the big picture.

[Live Music Archive] - courtesy of the [Internet Achive] in alliance with
[Some SHN Resources] - maybe this can be wikified later.
[] is the most popular way to keep your list of music online. It can be used to find fellow music freaks and trade shows with them. Many shn collectors use db.etree because of the ShnDatabase.
[] - SHN The Canadian way, eh!
[DigitalBoots - lossless live links] - a directory listing of links to direct downloads, FTP servers, DC hubs, BitTorrent trackers for live music, audio and video
[] - - For The Serious U2 Collector.
[GDLive!]- Yet another Great Community!
BitTorrent - rapid downloads
FurthurNet - a peer to peer network for sharing mp3 and Shorten files.
TuneTree - downloads
[alivetronica] - discussion group for promoting and trading live electronica bands
[] - a hub on the direct connect network for more info visit ShnFamily
[Classic Cat] - if you share the classical music that you made and you want the world to know you.
[] - The largest repository for live DMB shows anywhere.
[Dank Seeds] - Spin-off community. Seeds must pass quality standards before they are widely distributed. 10/2004 update: List is still reachable but activity petered out by about ~4/2003.
[People for a Clearer Phish] - a formerly great community and a grandfather of CDR trading, but has had a series of unfortunate events including the loss of many years' worth of list archives.
[Sharing the John] - a sharing community for people interested in trading John Mayer shows via Bit Torrent.
[zoozle Torrent] Big english torrent search engine

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