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A place for distilled wisdom about EtreeWiki itself. Don't use this as a place for your initial questions. Rather, try hashing them out in WikiQuestions or WikiDiscussion first. Likewise, this is not a personal messageboard- please read EtreeWikiGoals.

Q: I found an imporant page that's currently full of garbage, how do I fix it?

A: You can quickly "revert" the page to exactly how it was. At the bottom of the page, hit the "page history" link. Click the date link of the last known-good version (in a page that falls under attack a lot if may be obvious who the "good guys" are in the list.
Go to the bottom of that copy and hit "edit this archived version." Don't make any editing changes to the page. Just put the word "revert" or something in the "summary of change" field and hit the "Save" button at the top. You'll be the hero, thanks!

If you think there are a lot of pages messed up (losers often hit more than one at a time), you can Go to RecentChanges and hit the history links from there, fixing various pages in the same way.

(probably some can be moved to here from WikiQuestions soon)

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