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Wiki Questions
This is analogous to 's Problems and Suggestions board, but for asking about wiki editing points not covered in EditingTips (please read that first before posting here). If questions are answered well, they could be incorporated into a WikiFaq or the EditingTips page and then removed from this space. This is not a personal messageboard- please read EtreeWikiGoals.

If you want to discuss something about EtreeWiki itself, try WikiDiscussion instead.

Please start your contribution with either Q or A (depending), and put 4 dashes between your question topic and the previous one, to mark them off. Try out what you learn here in the SandBox.

Q: Is there a tool to change a simple html page into wiki format, or must it be done manually? I'm thinking ahead to making wiki versions of say or maybe

I found this ref to a Korean app, which is not always online:
Unfortunately, when I tried on it lost every active link to elsewhere. Rather unsatisfactory. -- DianaHamilton

Q: What is a category? I'm afraid to fill in the Add document to category box in ignorance. -- DianaHamilton

A: See Tavi:TaviCategories? . They don't really seem worth worrying about at this point for's wiki. -- DianaHamilton

Q: How do you prevent Wiki from automatically creating a link? For example, in my LftpQueue document, refernces to the 'set' parameter "ftp:passive-mode off" are turned into an ftp link (as you can see here). I do not want that to become a link, as it is invalid, but I can't figure out a way to make it "unlink". Nothing about this is found in EditingTips. Thanks! - ryan

A: Check out Tavi:FormalFormattingRules? . I think you could use backticks (item 3 at the moment). Let us know how it goes! - DianaHamilton

Followup: Yes, that worked great Diana. Three backticks will kill my example link:


I fixed up my howto documents already, thx!!! - ryan

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