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Abbrev Discussion
This page is supplementary to BandAbbreviations. Use this to comment on individual band abbreviations when necessary. For each band discussed below, there should be a corresponding link in the last column of the BandAbbreviations table. Put bands in their alphabetical order below (as on table) and mark sections off with 4 dashes.

Alan Hertz & Friends - ShnDatabase had ah&f up to 10/2004 but that is a poor idea. The & character may cause problems for some people. 1 show in circ (5/20/01) may be labelled ahp for Alan Hertz Project but the name has been consolidated in the db with the many Friends gigs.

Bruce Hornsby - Avoid using bh because of the ambiguity with Ben Harper. Perhaps bruce or hornsby are better choices.

Keller Williams w/ String Cheese Incident - The Keller Williams w- String Cheese Incident "abbreviation" in the ShnDatabase is probably just a mistake to be corrected.

Phil Lesh and Friends - Avoid p&f and p+f since they have special characters that may give some setups trouble during file downloads. Avoid pf because of ambiguity with Pink Floyd- although Pink Floyd is not etree-friendly, shns have been spotted "in the wild".

Seth Yacovone Band - The Seth Yacovone Band "abbreviation" in the ShnDatabase is probably just a mistake to be corrected. Note that the abbreviation sy is commonly used for the trader friendly band Sonic Youth too.

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