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Band Abbreviation Guidelines
Here are some good guidelines to keep in mind when creating new BandAbbreviations for etree friendly bands. When in doubt, you can also use common sense, or ask around for advice. ([FurthurNet] has a reference listing too on their [Bandlist]. Please note that FurthurNet now requires filesets to conform to its [NamingConvention]. If you plan (or hope) to seed there, you may wish to follow that convention.

  • Example: Particle --> particle2002-01-01 --NOT-- par2002-01-01
  • Example: The Slip --> slip2002-01-01
  • Example: Zero --> zero2002-01-01

  • Example: Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains --> ccbbb2002-01-01 --NOT-- ccbobb2002-01-01
  • Example: The Grateful Dead --> gd
  • Example: North Mississippi Allstars --> nmas
  • Example: Widespread panic --> wsp

  • Example: Adrian Belew --> abelew2002-01-01
  • Example: Billy Nershi --> bnershi2002-01-01

(Wiki note on this guideline- In actual practice, most solos go by their last name only, eg "kimock" not "skimock". Should this be modified?)

  • Example: Billy Nershi and Liza Oxnard --> no2002-01-01
  • Example: Jerry Garcia and David Grisman --> gg2002-01-01 --NOT-- gargri2002-01-01
  • Example: Kimock, Vega, Hertz and White --> kvhw2002-01-01

(wiki note: Should this guideline be modified in some way? "no" is rather low info content for such a combo, same with "gg" vs "gargri".)

  • Example: Gov't Mule --> mule2002-01-01
  • Example: Trey Anastasio solo --> trey2002-01-01
  • Example: Jerry Garcia solo --> jerry2002-01-01 or garcia2002-01-01
  • Example: Phish --> ph2002-01-01
  • Example: The Flaming Lips --> lips2002-01-01
  • Example: Widespread Panic --> wsp2002-01-01
  • Example: The Big Wu --> wu2002-01-01

See also: BandAbbreviations, SeedingGuidelines, NamingStandards

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