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Bit Torrent
BitTorrent is an open protocol for sharing large files and filesets. It's super easy to use. BitTorrentDownloads are started just by clicking on small .torrent files or hyperlinks which are opened with your choice of BitTorrent client. Downloaders get pieces of the fileset from the original server, and from anyone else who is downloading. The more people there are downloading the same thing, the lower the burden on the central server, and the faster everyone's downloads get, due to sharing with each other. The more, the merrier!

More resources for users on the downloading side:

Some resources for seeders who want share by setting up .torrents that other sites will host:

Some resources for siteops, on the server side. Ideally you should have your own web server to begin:

See also: BitTorrentDownloads, FurthurNet

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