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Flac Fingerprint
A FLAC Fingerprint is a small text file (ffp.txt) that contains the filename and the checksum information for one or more .flac files. The fingerprint is analogous to yet somewhat different from the .md5 files for used for Shorten (.shn):

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT .MD5 FILES AND FLAC: Whether or not to make an .md5 checksum file for a .flac fileset is a confusing topic!

Note that a flac fingerprint isn't a checksum of the encoded flac data - it's a checksum of the decoded music data. So to test the file, flac decodes the data in the file and verifies that the checksum of the music data matches the (internally stored) flac fingerprint.

This has a few interesting implications:

See also: FLAC, FlacFrontend, FlacFaq, SeedingGuidelines

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