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Mailing Lists
New, Important News re All Mailing Lists Subscriptions
Lots of people apparently haven't seen this.

[announce] [SERVER TEAM] Out with the Old: IMPORTANT LIST SUB INFO
Masked Marvel themaskedmarvel at
Tue Mar 15 12:33:05 MST 2005

Greetings friends,

As grows and expands, we remain the worldwide leader in
legal lossless audio trading. Introducing bittorrent to the world has garnered headlines and generated quite a stir in the industry as music trading has become a new animal of speed and breadth. The Server Team works and volunteers their time every day to making sure this trend continues.

As a result, we've come to a point where upgrading our mail servers has become woefully overdue. Thanks to the hard work, especially of Bklyn, Phrog, JeffK?, MikeK, chash, chun, and others - we have a new home for the mail lists which will greatly enhance and improve security, reliability, and management. Thanks go to them for the enduring patience..

What does this mean for you, the member? Simple. To most effectively facilitate the move, we will be removing (unsubscribing) all members of all lists (siteops@ memebrs please disregard). Following the delivery of this email, the old lists will be wiped clean. Once that is completed, all members are asked to simply go to and resub themselves. It's a very quick process and your subscription should go through almost immediately.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the resub process, but it will greatly improve mail list performace, while additionally allowing us to hopefully trim the fat that may have been slowing us down.

As always, questions may be directed to the Server Team. Forums are still active and vibrant, so there would be a good place to check up on how things are going and ask questions, as well. Addresses are at the bottom of this email.

Thanks for the patience. Already, SPAM has been greatly reduced. Hopefully other improvements will be noticed, as well.

Peace, love, respect - for everybody...
Server Team


To subscribe to any and all email lists:

Forum address for help (and lots of other stuff):

Relevant email addresses for individual concerns or fruit baskets:
server at
damien at

[Edit still to-do- change thrust of this page from just getting music by ftp, to overall communication and community. Crossref to other pages, methods - like Total rewrite probably in order.]

To do: Coverage of [Bittorrent List] and [bt-discuss List]

Logging on to an FTP server is one method to download music. Since the list of available servers is constantly changing, people use's mailing lists as a way to keep informed.

You can subscribe to any of the lists mentioned below using the [Mailman web interface]. Don't worry, we will never [harvest your email address], nor pass it on to third parties. We try to keep the lists SPAM-free. To the best of our ability, your email address is safe with us!

Announce Mailing List

Formerly, this list would have been the best choice when trying to get music. The announce list is where large-scale (higher-bandwidth) FTP site operators (siteops) post the contents of their servers and provide login information. However, in the last year or two, the list has fallen into disuse by those siteops. Traffic is very light compared to traffic on the etrade list (below).

Regular subscribers can only read and not post to this list; approved siteops can post. Some siteops post login info right to the list, others require you to jump through a few hoops... it's up to them. (Remember, proper does not host any music; all shows are hosted by volunteers who donate their valuable time & resources, for fun and community spirit).

If you're not a full-time siteop but have music you want to share (perhaps via a sometimes-on FTP server or via snailmail), or if you are a siteop with a lower-bandwidth service, please offer music through etrade.

If you would like a higher volume of music download announcements, see various sections of our site, or the etrade list.

Etree Discussion Mailing List

The etree mailing list is for the discussion of all things, including the Shorten audio format, FTP info (usage, servers/clients, configuration), and CD-R burning.

Please offer music through either the announce or etrade mailing lists, not here.

Messages that may be considered off-limits for the discussion list include:

Messages that will not be tolerated and will result in the author being warned and/or removed from the discussion list include:

With the discussion mailing list, we attempt to moderate for unintelligent posts, rather than off-topic posts. What that may mean is that it might be OK to send a somewhat off-topic email to the discussion list, as long as that email is written in an intelligent way, or has SOMETHING to do with music. Conversely, just because a message is on-topic does not give the author permission to act like an idiot. We are watching carefully for flagrant examples of idiocy, and may publicly make an example of author.

If you would rather participate in a web board instead of a mailing list, various sections of our site serve for disucssion.

Etrade Mailing List

Etrade is the list to be on to set up one-on-one trades with other members. People who want to share tunes, but don't have enough bandwidth to post their offerings to the announce mailing list can get together on this list and share the music.

Although you don't have to have an FTP server set up to participate in Etrade, it will help you out a lot.

Etrade is the place to go to offer logins to your server, set up trades (electronic or snail-mail), start vines, B&P offers and ISOs.

Etrade is not the place for general discussion. This list should serve as only a quick and dirty way to communicate what you have to offer, and to arrange an exchange of music. If you have something to discuss, please post to the etree discussion list. This list is also not the place to ask questions. If you have questions that cannot be answered by reading the FAQs, you can either ask them on the discussion list, or by emailing [email protected].

If you would rather participate in a web board instead of a mailing list, various sections of our site serve for trading.

Other lists not covered under Mailman

Siteops Mailing List

Descrip here- subscription by petition, for higher-bandwidth siteops who would also post their FTP site info to announce list.

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