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Server Team
The Server Team is a hardworking (occasionally) group of live music lovers who each contribute in our own way to help this community exist. Some of us used to do a bunch of work and have kind of receded into the woodwork, only sticking our nose into things now and then, while others of us haven't been around forever but are working fervently right now to make this a better place for you. Here's a little bit about some of us:

[Tom Anderson] runs and setup the EtreeWiki site. Tom is a [php] and sql guru. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

[Mike Wren] runs his mouth a lot, and helped to create much of the "rules" for sharing SHN audio files online, as well as writing a good chunk of the content and graphics on the website. He was also involved in the theory, graphics, and design of the Furthurnet software and network, although he has retired from that scene for a while. Mike is a [TaperGeek] and loves live music wherever and whenever he can afford to tape/hear it. Mike lives in Albany, NY, and invites any and all guests to his front porch with a cold microbrew and kind tunes.

Caleb Epstein is all guts, and no glory. Well, beer gut anyway.

Mason is the typo kong!

If you have a beef, please contact some of these guys at serveratetreeorg

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