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Wren Shit
OK...what the hell is this crap???

1) An unpleasant, smelly brown substance produced by the species of bird known as the Wren.

2) An insane but uniquely ingenious project started by the infamous geek known as Mike Wren.

3) A brown steamy substance that generally smells like Labatts Blue, among other things.

4) Random pictures of stuff many people would concider off topic.

It does sound like something Ghost would say, doesn't it? Damn I've been on the siteops list too long if I'm starting to sound like him. It's GarciaSiteop?

;) Hrm... WrenShit has already reached the etreeWiki venacular. Not sure if I'm happy or sad.... but mostly tired... goodnight (yes, you missed a meaning... ask those at Phish Cypress)

But first, we bring you Dancin' Kempka:


hmmm, interesting...

chun stopped by here to laugh at jeff k!

<ghost> mike wren went to albany and all i got was this lousy tiger :(

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