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Trading Policies
6/2006- bottom half of page (Bill Frisell onward) got cut off accidentally, could not restore. Found old copy of bottom half from 3/2004, a chunk of data lost. If you have something fresher, please update.

The following are decent resources for checking on whether or not artists are TradeFriendly:

Sometimes people have info on artists' trading stances and report it elsewhere, such as to our MailingLists. The knowledge may never make it into the above resources for various reasons, but is worth saving. Consider putting that kind of report here. However, if the same info is already covered in one of the above resources, don't bother- let's not reinvent the wheel. (Note BTAT listing is also updatable by users.)

Put artists in either "OK to Trade" or "Not OK to Trade" area and mark off report with 4 dashes. Feel free to add a pointer to this page in the BandAbbreviations table if it's a trade-friendly artist.

OK to Trade

[Grateful Dead]

The Dead have circulated an official [notice] and have posted their [Grateful Dead MP3 Statement]. Anyone hosting Dead music online must place a copy of the notice on their own site. GDP has made an [additional statement] re commercially released shows in an email exchange.

[Medeski Martin & Wood]

MMW permit polite, respectful audio taping (see Btat:Medeski ). Update 8/02 from James Tierney:

"MMW's policy (as from MMW's current archivist, Bill Mulvey-- not Federico Cribiore) is as follows:

"MMW allows audio taping from your seat at any and all shows. Please be considerate and respectful towards other members of the audience, and remember that venue security has final say about placement and height of microphone stands.

"I asked him a few weeks ago at High Sierra for clarification on the policy (i wanted to run my schoeps rig at the stage lip, because that's "where my seat was" at the "venue", which was general admission and standing-room only), and I also made sure that digital distribution over the internet was OK...

"He said the guys couldn't care less how people got the tapes as long as no one was profiting and no one was being cheated."

[G. Love and Special Sauce]
E-Mail from Chris DeBeneditto - Management (tapersATphiladelphoniccom)
Please feel free to trade all live tapings of g. love
and special sauce. Do not sell them! We are cool
with trading, not selling. hope this works for ya!
give it away!

Chris D.

Not OK to Trade (by methods indicated)

Neko Case

No downloading An email to
> It is against Neko Case's policy for BT/FTP sharing of live
> recordings.
> Please remove this show and ban her shows from your site.
> Thank You
> Jim Blackwood (archivist for Calexico and assistant to Neko Case)

Cheap Trick

6/2005 email exchange with management:

Q (Diana): Are they taping/trading friendly, and if so would they also be up for the archive idea?

A (Wes): thanks for the note...Cheap Trick really can't do anything due to their record and publishing deals.


According to
the band is fine with trading but their label is not, such that they forced the band to take music off the band's own website. How lame. :(

Bill Frisell

No Trading. Policy allows for limited personal taping but no trading. Alan Dorchak sent the following personal communication:

Dear Alan,

Thanks for your e-mail and thanks also for your interest in and
dedication to Bill's work. It is much appreciated. We also
appreciate what you trying to accomplish. I am familiar with the
arguments for the promotional utility of such a practice. n But,
unfortunately, it is a fact that Bill's exclusive recording contract
with Nonesuch precludes such activity.

Here's the deal with recording Bill live. We support it only under
the conditions of the policy listed below. If anyone who wishes to
record Bill's live performances is not comfortable with the policy,
then we really have no choice but to ask them to refrain from doing

In the interest of audience enjoyment, avoidance of distractions,
blocking sightlines, etc., no microphone stands are allowed. We
only allow recording with the use of small mics that are worn or
clipped to the recordist's clothing only, keeping it as low key and
as invisible as possible without any disturbance to the other
audience members.

Limit the use of your recording to your own private, personal
enjoyment with no selling, trading, etc. The granting of any rights
beyond that would simply put us in breach of our contract with

We certainly understand and support your desire to document
your live musical experiences. By the same token, although we
can imagine that this is not the answer that you were hoping to
receive, we do hope you can understand and respect the need for
these limitations. Most of all I hope you continue to enjoy the
music in the moment that it is being performed because that is the
main intention of the artist and the primary purpose of touring.

Thanks again for listening. It really means a lot to us.

With best wishes,


Songline/Tone Field Productions

Hootie & the Blowfish

No Taping. Indirect report from (seen 10/2003)

[Adam Lopez]

No Taping or Trading.
Message to Tyler Huff 10/20/03 (after being asked about
> > Thanks for the info about posting the music. But as of
> > now I can't say that's it ok to do. My songs are owned
> > thru my publishing company and are currently all
> > recorded on my latest CD. So while the exposure is
> > nice, I can't afford to have them out there for people
> > to get free.

Alanis Morissette

No Taping or Trading Presumably, given a man was successfully prosecuted 2/11/04 in Finland for trading (not selling) live boots of Morissette, see [1] or [2]. Relevant quote:

"The case was the first of its kind in Finland, and legal experts said the ruling might be the first in Europe where someone who swapped illegal recordings to add to his own collection had been found guilty.

"Legal action in Europe has so far been limited to prosecuting people who have tried to make money off the trend."


No Taping or Trading. Although older rumors indicate Santana himself may have been OK with trading, even if management were not, his official site at says (noticed 10/2003)
What is Santana's taping policy for live shows?
We do not authorize anyone to record, videotape or duplicate any Santana performances.

Neil Young

FurthurNet has an old undated pro-trading quote from Neil, but more recent 2000-2001 comments give the impression he might not be into trading at present:

While many artists feel compelled to figure out where they stand on the issue, few have as pat answers as rock singer/songwriter Neil Young. MP3s, he said flatly, offer sub-CD-sound, which doesn't please him. Even CD-quality doesn't make Young, an audiophile, happy. Still, what it boils down to is that artists need to be paid for their work.

"You can't just give it away," he said recently.

Neil Young No Fan Of Napster
Wednesday, January 31, 2001
Launch - Neil Young is the latest musician to come out against free music on the Internet. In an interview with the Argentinean newspaper La Nacion, Young acknowledged that he hasn't debuted any of the new songs he's recorded with Crazy Horse in concert because he doesn't want people to hear them before he thinks the songs are ready to be heard.

Young said, "I don't like to have a record out and have people hear...versions that we don't want them to hear. With the Internet, there is no more privacy and not even the chance to express yourself in front of your audience in the intimacy of a concert that lets songs evolve. You can't do this because they immediately get circulated."

Young added, "My job is to make the music, but I don't want people to be able to listen to my music if I don't want them to. Controlling the Internet is better than being controlled by it."

Interviewed, talks around online issue, mentions that he just wants to play not fight, gives no indication he's become pro-taping/trading though:

But how do you feel about the future of rock & roll -- as music, as a weapon of expression and change -- in an era of fierce conservatism and falling record sales?

Rock & roll has still got a lot of legs. But I consider rock & roll and rap to be the same. It's popular music with an edge. If the edge doesn't have a guitar, that doesn't mean it's not rock & roll.

I do know it's a huge business, and it's lost its idealism in the face of Internet downloading and the RIAA suing people for listening to music -- people who get a couple of songs from my new album, or the whole album, because they never would have heard it on the radio.

The issue of not getting paid doesn't bother you?

I'm a very wealthy person. I've been managed very well. I'm not greedy to the point that I need to get paid for every little thing I do. I'm an artist. I should be fucking doing art, not standing up for artists' rights. We got Sheryl Crow and Don Henley -- it's covered. I don't have to do it. When the copyright law is all over and I'm dead and gone, I'll have more songs. I'll have three or four more albums.

That's what I know how to do, and I do that OK. Sometimes I do it, and people really like it. Sometimes I do it, and they get pissed off at me [smiles]. Whatever.

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