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Site Ops
Siteops are people who run the FTP servers where you get your music. They sometimes post messages to the announce and etrade MailingLists, giving out the public login information for their servers.

People with higher bandwidth (more ability to share) are given posting privileges to both the announce and siteops lists.
Both high-bandwidth and low-bandwith siteops are welcome to post to the etrade list.

You can read about what it takes to be a higher-tier siteop from the [description at the old site]. However, the key page that refers to no longer exists. If you want to be a higher-tier siteop, just describe your situation to the guys at [email protected] and they may be able to set you up.

If the server team turns you down for the announce and siteops lists, you may still post freely to the etrade list.

Some SiteopAnnouncements

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