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Shn Amp
ShnAmp is the Shorten playback plugin for WinAmp created by Wayne Stielau for the community.

ShnAmp supports the SHN v3 standard, which allows you to instantly seek to any point within a Shorten file if the file was encoded with seek tables.

Note that ShnAmp does not convert Shorten files to WAV files, it just allows you to listen to them on your computer without having to burn them to a CD.

Update 9/23/2002: We're happy to introduce the initial public release of ShnAmp3, the Shorten plugin for Winamp3. If you experience any quirks, please report them using the link at the bottom of the page so we can fix them. The download link is below. If you want to continue to use Winamp2, then ShnAmp v2.0.2 is still for you (get it? ShnAmp2 for Winamp2, ShnAmp3 for Winamp3).

For Winamp3 ONLY! [ShnAmp v3.0.0] - 73 KB Released 9/23/2002

For Winamp2 or Winamp5 ONLY! [ShnAmp v2.02] - 146 KB Released 3/4/2002

For those who were too late to download the classic, apparently no longer available Winamp2, we should mention the Winamp2 plugin is compatible with Winamp5!

More ShnAmp info can be found [here].

For one approach to the problem of shns that do not have seek tables, see [this etree forums thread].

See also SoftwareYouNeed

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