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Win Amp
WinAmp is a Windows program to play various media files, notably encoded music files such as shn, flac, mp3, ac3, and so on. WinAmp can be used to play the music from encoded files on your hard drive or on a disc.

You can get a copy from []. The Free Lite version works fine for playing music files.

The default installation includes only the most popular "plugins" to decode and play audio formats. You'll want to get the shn and flac plugins as well:

- See the ShnAmp page for information about the ShnAmp plugin that lets you play Shorten (.SHN) files in WinAmp.

- If you have WinAmp installed, the FlacFrontend installer will automatically install the plugin for flac. See the FlacFaq page for other ways to get the flac plugin.

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